Trading and Investing In Cannabis- 5 Sessions
Trading and Investing In Cannabis- 5 Sessions

Price: $1,497.00

What Will Learn:

1. How to confidently choose a Value Stocks
2. How to invest in the best funds for long term appreciation
3. How to swing trade in Value Stocks ti create Income
4. How to Protect your Profit with Orders

This Course Is Designed To:

1. Minimize Cost
2. Minimize Risk
3. Maximize Returns

Risk Appetite and Objectives
This Is A 1 Session Course

In This Course You Will Learn:

What is Your Risk Tolerance And Preference

  • How to determine your risk tolerance
  • Best Practices to Understanding Net Worth and Risk Capital
  • Create a Watch List

60 mins
2 Strategies For Beginners
Create Your Current Investing and Watch List. Using your own monthly budget to develop a strategy for G.A.R. P. and D.C.A.
60 mins
Choosing The Best 3 Stocks For My Portifolio
The difference between a Penny Stock and Traditional Stocks
• Your risk tolerance
• How to determine if a Penny Stock is right for You
• Where to find Cannabis and Cannabis Related Stocks
• 2 Strategies to invest In the best stocks for your portfolio
60 mins
Placing Market and Limit Orders
Learn how to use Market and Limit Orders to protect your profit while actively trading.
75 mins
Basic Stock Chart Reading.

Understand Terms Such As:

Technical Analysis – common charts terms and techniques

· MACD Strategy

· Divergence and Convergence

· Volume Indicators

· Candle Sticks

· Understand Basic Investing Concepts and how they applied to real life setting

· Apply Key Action Steps to Start Trading on Pot Stocks

Course Materials

Labeled Stock Chart with Definitions

List of My Top 10 Cannabis Stocks

1 on 1 Online Seminar, Presentation and Recording of Session

90 mins