Cannabis Stock Using The G.A.R.P.
Cannabis Stock Using The G.A.R.P.

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This Course Is Designed For Beginner Investors Who Would Like To Employee A Confident Investing Strategy.

What Will You Learn?

1. Basic Investing Terms
2. What Are Growth and Value Stocks
3. How To Determine The Best Growth and/or Value Stocks To Purchase
4. When To Buy And When To Sell
5. G.A.R.P. Strategy

This Strategy Will:
1. Minimize Cost
2. Minimize Risk
3. Maximize Returns

Investing 101
Basic Stock Terms
Cannabis Company List
Where To Open Account
75 mins
Time To Buy
Session 2
Determined The Company Story
Main Chick Vs. Side Chick
60 mins
Strategies To Win
Learn Core Strategy of investing and how to leverage it in the Cannabis Sector
75 mins