1-2-3 Stock Market Starter Kit
1-2-3 Stock Market Starter Kit

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Total Duration: 1:46:44

Videos: 7

"Crash Course" about the Stock Market.

 I'm sure you and your friends have been discussing some of the best stocks to buy and sell during the pandemic, but are you concerned about making bad choices, losing too much money, or just not knowing where to start. Here is a quick and easy 2-hour course to help you get started. 

After you finish this 2 Hour Course you will learn:

Understanding the stock market

Best practices and where to get started

Understanding your investment objectives

The Importance of Diversification

And much more.

As a bonus gifts, you will receive some 

Risk Tolerance Test- learn about how much money you can emotional, physical, and financial invest without having a nervous breakdown. 

Resource Guide- gain a list of some of the best resources to research stocks and your favorite companies

Watchlist Tracker- Take the emotion out of investing by creating a watchlist and add companies that you would like to buy or sell in the future.

Cheat Sheet- 30 Terms and Definitions that every investor should know.

Intro To Core Strategy- Week 1

This Course is designed to teach the basic principles of investing.

  • Cash Out On Cannabis 6W Core Strategy Inro.pptx

  • Cash Out On Cannabis 6W1 (1).pptx

  • Risk Appettie Test.pdf

  • Cheat Sheet.pdf

    24 Terms and Definitions that every investor should know.

Core Strategy -Session 2
  • Cash Out On Cannabis 6W2.pptx

  • Cannabis Resource Guide.pdf

Core Strategy- Session 3
  • Cash Out On Cannabis 6W2pt2 new.pptx

  • New Pot Stock Guide.pdf

  • Watchlist.pdf

  • COOC Investment Tracker.xlsx

Core Strategy- Session 4
  • Cash Out On Cannabis 6W3.pptx

Core Strategy - Session 5
  • Cash Out On Cannabis 6W5.pptx

Core Strategy - Session 6
  • Cash Out On Cannabis 6W6.pptx